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egg and sperm freezing 

Egg and sperm freezing


Freezing of eggs and sperm for future use is becoming more common and we are happy to offer this service to all our patients as part of our comprehensive range of treatments.


We can store your samples in our dedicated storage facility for up to 10 years while you wait for the right time to either start your family, or have further children.


At the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health, we use a cryopreservation technique called vitrification. This technique allows us to freeze and subsequently thaw your samples for your future use, with almost the same success rates as using fresh samples.


There are many reasons why you may choose to have your eggs or sperm frozen. We often find patients freeze samples for future use that have impending treatment which may affect fertility (such as chemotherapy) or those which undertake physically risky jobs (such as those in the armed forces). ). We also undertake ‘social egg freezing’ for women who are not yet ready for children but wish to preserve their best quality eggs for later in life.


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