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fertility specialist uk 

Egg donation


Some women are unable to have children because they are unable to produce eggs. This can occur for numerous reasons, including poorly developed ovaries, premature menopause, previous surgery or chemotherapy. For these women, IVF using donated eggs offers their only chance of becoming pregnant.


In egg donation, the donated eggs are fertilised by the recipient's partner's sperm (where appropriate), and the egg is then implanted into the woman’s uterus. This gives the couple the chance of having a healthy child.


In order to match donors and recipients, consideration is given to physical characteristics of the donor, and their ethnic origin.


Importantly, we have dedicated, professional counsellors as part of our team who will be able to offer support and guidance on the implications of receiving donated eggs. Link to page on counsellors


There is usually a waiting list for donor eggs, and potential recipients can discuss the current duration of this with our nurse co-ordinator.


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